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Jump into Commander Limited with ChannelFireball’s first Commander Boxing League! Open your booster box and build your Commander deck for the first week and add one six pack set of boosters every week! Games are on Tuesday nights from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific starting December 8. All games will be played on SpellTable with matching done on the ChannelFireball Discord Server. 

On the first week, you’ll open your starter box (All 36 packs!) and build a 100-card deck around a Legendary Creature you open!Each package comes with one starter box and 3 sets of 6 Booster Packs from different sets!  Then, each following week, you open 6 packs from your other sets to spice up and tune your deck! With changes each week keeping gameplay fresh and exciting, the only thing keeping you from four weeks of Commander fun is picking which kit you want:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know the league time is every Tuesday in December from 3-10 PM Pacific, but what’s the best time to show up?

A: We’ll have our matchmaking bot running from 3-10 PM Pacific, but we encourage players to show up at 3, 6, and 9 PM to keep queue times as short as possible!

Q: How do I join a game?

A: Matchmaking is done in the ChannelFireball Discord server. Once you’re there, head to the #boxing-league-lfg text channel (that stands for “Looking for Game”) and type !lfg into the chat channel. Once you do that, the bot will begin the matchmaking process. When your game fills up, you’ll receive a link to a game on SpellTable!

Q: Are there prizes? Is there a leaderboard?

A: The Commander Boxing League is intended as a fun-first social experience where we can have fun playing tabletop Magic together online. As such, we have no prizes or leaderboard for this event, though I think we can all agree it’s fun to win games!

Q: Am I allowed to stream my games in this event?

A: You’re welcome to stream the event, but you should ask your opponents if they’re okay with it, especially if you plan to stream their audio. 

Q: Can someone join using their own sealed pool?

A: Yes, that’s fine! The ChannelFireball Commander Boxing League kits are a great deal, but we understand if someone wants to join with sealed boosters they already have. That said, boosters for this league should be from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, Dominaria, Ravnica Allegiance, Core Set 2019, or Commander Legends. We chose these sets specifically for their compatibility with this format. Additionally, each week’s boosters should be from a different set in order to promote variety.

Q: Can someone join the league late?

A: Yes, that’s totally fine! If you join in Week 2, just make sure to add the first set of six extra boosters to the booster box so that you’re on equal footing with the rest of the players.

Q: Can the Promos be used in the deck?

A: The Sol Ring promo may be used in your deck.  The Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt cannot since they give significant advantage to certain colors.

How to get set up

James Keating has a fantastic guide to playing paper Commander online that will walk you through everything you need to set up your camera, microphone, lighting, and more!

Eric Levine recorded a video walkthrough for SpellTable so you can learn everything you need to know before you start playing games of Commander online! Logging into SpellTable will require a Wizards Account.  If you already have an account, simply use your login credentials.  If you do not have an account, please go here to create one

How to Start a Game

Join the ChannelFireball Discord server and open the #lfg text channel. Once you’re there, SpellBot will be ready to help you find a game. You can use the following commands to tell SpellBot what you want:

  • !lfg: Create a game of Commander!
  • !leave: Leave any games you’ve signed up for.
  • Use the !help command for more details on how to use these and any other functions of SpellBot!
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